Payment & Shipping

Payment Methods

We currently have 4 methods of accepting payment:

  • Bitcoin
  • Afterpay
  • Max Redemption
  • Checking Account/e-check
  • Zelle

We use BTCPay to accept bitcoin payments. At checkout, select the “Bitcoin” option as your payment method, and after entering all of your billing/shipping information, click on the button that says “PROCEED TO BTCPAY” to complete your payment. 

Once you’re on the payment screen you’ll have an option to either scan the QR code from your cell phone or other device, or you can copy the wallet address and send a payment that way. The BTC amount will be displayed on the screen as well, and you’ll have 30 minutes to complete the payment. After sending payment, it can take 20-60 seconds for the screen to update and show the payment was made. After that, click on the button that says “Back to Alpha Star Labs” and you’ll be redirected to our site and provided an order #, along with the shipping address and email that you entered.

There are multiple ways to buy bitcoin, one of the most common is if you don’t have any bitcoin currently in a wallet.


Afterpay is a Buy Now Pay Later service that allows you to use your credit or debit card to make purchases at thousands of online and in-person stores. Make the first payment upfront and the rest of it over time, with no interest. Payments are split into 4, so you’d pay 25% of the total upfront, and the remaining amount is spread evenly between 3 additional payments that occur every 2 weeks. 

Alternatively, you can login to your Afterpay account and pay off the balance of your purchase at any time. Currently, our merchant account is only setup for US residents, but it may be possible to pay in the EU using your Clearpay account. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Max Redemption

Max Redemption is a popular way to pay for SARMs and peptides on many websites in the US. It allows users to create an account and purchase a voucher for the amount of the order that you place. You then apply the voucher to the order, to complete payment. It’s difficult for companies that sell SARMs, peptides, etc., to get approved for traditional credit card processors, so this workaround helps make it possible to accept credit or debit cards. There is a small 4-5% fee associated with this payment method.

Checking Account

We use eDebitDirect to accept payments through your checking account. You can simply enter your account number and routing number at checkout and the payment will be complete. Although this is similar to writing a check, the payment will be verified immediately, which means there’s no additional wait time for your order to be shipped. eDebitDirect does offer purchase protection for the consumer, so this is a great option if you’ve never ordered from us before and want to feel a little safer about your order.


After placing an order and selecting Zelle, you can complete your payment by sending it to Please make your payment immediately after placing your order, as non-payment for more than a couple of hours may cause the order to be cancelled.


We ship Monday-Saturday via USPS Priority Mail, or USPS First Class when you qualify for free shipping. Most orders inside the US will arrive within 2-4 days and tracking information will be sent to your email as soon as your order has been processed. International orders usually take 7-10 business days to arrive, and we collect duties and VAT at the time of purchase to help your package go through customs faster, and to ensure you don’t need to pay anything additional once the package arrives in your country.

Currently we ship inside the United States, and to most countries in the European Union. We hope to expand into the UK, and other countries in the future.


All of our products are third party tested for identity and purity, with certificates of authenticity freely available on all product pages. We go to great lengths to ensure that you receive exactly what you ordered, at the exact concentration that’s on the label. Because of this, we typically don’t provide refunds.

However, we do have a 100% delivery guarantee. If a package ever gets lost in transit, or you receive the wrong items we’ll refund you or give you store credit, it’s your choice.

If you have any additional questions, please contact for assistance.